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What can I do about it?

We recognize the how toxic pornography can be and the harmful effects it can have on the consumer, their relationships, and their environment. We also recognize how difficult it can be for individuals who wish to quit consuming porn altogether. You are not alone.

For many people, making the decision to stop watching porn is a process. However, it's not a process you have to walk through on your own. We support the following tools and resources to help guide you along in your journey.

Journey Groups are opportunities to walk alongside other men and women who are committed to ending the harmful effects of pornography in their lives by walking through the journey toward freedom together. We offer a men's and women's six to eight-week video course on the history and impact of pornography on society, followed by a year-long program that gives individuals an opportunity to dive deeper and learn how to practically take steps toward ending porn- and sex-based addiction. Sign up today »

Fortify is an online support community for men and women – young and old – seeking lasting freedom from pornography. In addition to a series of instructional videos and accompanying training, Fortify offers many opportunities for individuals to share insights and stories together. Learn more »


Covenant Eyes is an Internet Accountability and Filtering company who work to protect families and individuals in the fight against Internet temptation. Learn more »


There are different ways to block porn on your computer. You can block websites using a browser extension, a third-party tool, or a native parental control on your system as well. Learn more »

Join the movement. End the addiction.

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